Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1 (HH1) is located in Vika between Aker Brygge and Kvadraturen in the heart of Oslo CBD. The property is the closest neighbour to Oslo City Hall and a well known landmark in Norway. HH1 was designed by the reputable architects Torp & Torp as part of the development of Oslo City Hall.

HH1 occupies an entire city block and is the sole property in the street Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate. The street was named a er Hieronymus Heyerdahl who was the Major of Christiania (former name of Oslo) from 1912 to 1914. He was also the initiator for the development of Oslo City Hall.



Address: Hieronymus Heyerdahls gate 1
Land No. 209, Title No. 76 in Oslo municipality.



The New National Museum

350 m.

The New National Museum

350 m.

The New National Museum

350 m.


Public transport

The National Theatre station (Nationaltheateret) is located 450 meters from the property and o ers a wide range of public transport services including trains, metro, tram, buses and The Airport Express Train.

Nationaltheateret station is the second largest train station in Norway measured by the number of travellers. The largest station, Oslo Central Station, is located approx. 1 km from the property.



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