HH1 was completed in 1936 and was built as part of the development of Oslo City Hall. The property has been in
the Bendixen family for three generations and is carefully and meticulously maintained and refurbished throughout the years.

The building’s foundation consists of concrete pillars connecting the building to the bedrock. The framework and oor dividers are made of concrete and the facades consist of brick and natural stone cladding.

HH1 went through extensive refurbishments in the period from 1994-2004 where among other things, the following works were done:

• Roof repair
• Installation of new passenger li s • Installation of goods li
• New risers

• New main switchboard • New ventilation units

The vendor has installed a water heating system connected to the district heating grid. Two new cooling units were replaced in 2014, as well as the wires for all li s.






    Freehold plot of 1,601 sqm., cf. appendix 8.

    The surface area measurements are based on information provided by the vendor. UNION Norsk Næringsmegling AS has not veri ed these measurements. Floor plans can be found in appendix 10.

    Energy certi cate has been issued and can be found in appendix 7. The building is classi es as a Green E.

    Bygg og Eiendomsrevisjon (BER) has prepared a technical assessment report. The report is dated April 21st 2015, rev. October 19th 2015 and can be found in appendix 4.

    The plot is zoned for o ces and retail. The current zoning map and planning permits can be found in appendix 5.

    Concentrations (mergers, acquisitions, etc.) where the undertakings concerned have a combined annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 1 billion must be reported to the Norwegian Competition Authority. However, if only one of the undertakings concerned has an annual turnover in Norway exceeding NOK 100 million, reporting is not required.

    The buyer carries the risk regarding mandatory implementing the transaction.

    The Vendor has, in cooperation with Entra Eiendom AS (the ultimate owner of the neighbouring building Tordenskioldsgate 12), initiated a process to apply for a rezoning to allow for an extension of the building with two additional oors with a total gross area* of 3,020 sqm (see appendix 11 for a preliminary area estimation and appendix 12 for a dra zoning application).

    The Vendor and Entra Eiendom AS have retained Hille Melbye Architects as their advisor. The rst meeting with the Norwegian Plan and Building authorities on the ma er was held October 13th 2014.

    Boro Bygg has, on behalf of the vendor, performed a preliminary, overall assessment of the carrying capacity for a potencial expansion of the building with two additional oors. The assessment shows that it is likely that it will be necessary to reinforce selected columns and beams the 7th and 8th oor.

    The vendor expects potential buyers to make the own assessment of the possibility to achieve a political approval for the extension plans and takes no risk on the ma er.

    For more information on the ma er see the Oslo Plan and Building Services’ (PBE) homepage: h p://innsyn.pbe.oslo.kommune.no/saksinnsyn/

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