The information in this fact sheet is based on (i) ¬information provided by the Ven- dor, (ii) proprietary information in the databases of Akershus Eiendom(iii) external statistical information and (iv) any other relevant information considered ¬relevant and reliable by Akershus Eiendom.

The information provided by the Vendor includes (but is not ¬necessarily limited to) information regarding property areas, ¬leases, development plans, investment plans, regulation plans and other relevant information regarding the property(ies). Akershus Eiendom has not conducted any veri cation process related to the ¬information provided by the Vendor and it is hence assumed that this information is correct. Furthermore, no assessment of the technical condition of any build- ing(s) on the property(ies) has been made. Akershus Eiendom does not provide any warranty that the information is true, correct or complete. Although signi cant work has been invested in securing the information being precise and complete, Akershus Eiendom cannot guarantee that factual mistakes or omissions may not have been made in the production of this fact sheet.

Provisions under the Act relating to Estate Agency Activities (29. June, 2007 n. 73.) (Agents’ Act) regarding submission of offers. (section 6-10) will not apply for this assignment. Akershus Eiendom reserves the right to decide whether any bidder, including the Buyer, will be admitted to get access to the Bid record.

This assignment does not include Akershus Eiendom drawing up any nal, written Sales and Purchasing Agreement, as provisioned in the Agents’ Act section 6-8. Chapters 7 and 8-8 does not apply for this Assignment.

Neither the Vendor nor Akershus Eiendom assume no responsibility for any damage or loss that may occur as a consequence of lack of precision or mistakes in the fact sheet. Akershus Eiendom, its board of directors, partners or employees can- not be held responsible in relation to any person for any direct, indirect, speci c or consequential damages from the use of the fact sheet.

The information from the Vendor is assumed to be analyzed in detail before any binding bids are being made. It is further assumed that buyer inspects the prop- erty(ies), and the buyer is recommended to use its own advisors in a due diligence process to verify the technical ¬condition, property areas, and all relevant legal and nancial documentation related to the property(ies).

According to the Act of Money Laundering and Terror nancing (6. March 2009, n.11) the Agent is obliged to carry out identity control and risk assessment of all clients and/or any licensee. Should any client fail to meet the requirements according to the Act, or should the Agent have any reason to suspect that the transaction can be related to any criminal act, herein acts sorting under the Penal Code, sections 131-136 a, the Agent is mandated to discontinue the transaction. The Agent cannot be held responsible for any consequences, by the Vendor, Buyer or any other stakeholder with an interest in the transaction.